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Innovative Medisponge® Foam

Medisponge® hydrophilic, polyurethane foams are manufactured from an industry-unique process and designed to rapidly wick exudate for use in advanced wound care dressings and other medical applications. Our ultra-pure formulations of Medisponge® hydrophilic polyurethane foam can be manufactured in a variety of absorption rates and size or shape specifications.

describe the imageMedisponge® Features

• Customizable formulations
• Range of densities and porosities available
• Hydrophilic - highly absorptive
• Medical grade - ISO 10993 approved
• Catalyst-free and hypoallergenic - skin contact friendly
• Laminations available
• Roll stock and converting available
• Skived or poured to thickness
• Custom additive incorporation, including antimicrobials and pharmaceutical

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